June 13, 2024

TAJ PALACE, NEW DELHI, 5 JULY 2016 – Samsung announces 44 new TV models in SHUDH TV,SMART TV and Joy Beat Range with 11 meaningful Innovations with  worlds best picture quality designed with the  Quantum Dot Display technology and displays amazing innovations .  It provides beautifully crafted designs that will transform the consumers TV viewing experience.



The SUDH TV range up in premium segment, SMART TV range in mid segment whereas the JOY BEAT range in the affordable segment . There are total 11 innovations. The price range from Rs 28,000 to 24 lakh (MRP).


The SHUDH TV with Quantum dots Display offers Quantum Dot Color and HRD 1000, which demonstrate ground breaking advances in color reproduction, brightness, contrast and details. Also the SMART AND JOY BEAT comes with innovative features. the Smart coverage, Smart content and Smart design gives amazing experience. The new integrated sound build- in tweeters elevate your TV viewing experience.


Mr Rajeev Bhutani, Vice President, Consumer Electronics , Samsung India said ” Samsung aims to revolutionize the concept of home entertainment by introducing beautifully designed TV with features of  Quantum Dot technology and with further we aim to consolidate our position in market leader. ”

IMG-20160709-WA0021 IMG-20160709-WA0027  IMG-20160709-WA0028



Innovation 1 : Quantum Dot Color

Innovation 2 : HRD 1000                                                                          

Innovation 3 : Bezel-less curved design 

Innovation 4 : Single access customizable UI                                       

Innovation 5 : Auto Device Detection and One Remote

Innovation 6 : Convergence across platforms

Innovation 7 : Way Bluetooth Audio Streaming                               

Innovation 8 : Cric -o- mania Application

Innovation 9 : Smart View App with touch pad remote

Innovation 10 : Virus Free with Extendable Memory

Innovation 11 : Integrated Sound Station



It inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the world of TV, Smartphones, laptops ,tablets, cameras, digital appliances etc.

VERDICT : Planning to buy a TV for your room? then do go for any of the three SUDH TV, JOY BEAT or SMART TV to experience amazing and elevated TV viewing experience.




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