June 13, 2024

Everyone wishes a perfect life for their loved ones, Wish Box by Surprise Someone is the perfect way to portray your Birthday wishes in front of your loved ones on their special occasion.


It has colourful sheets and on these sheets we can put our feelings in words for our best friend. We think for hours to find a suitable gift for our friend but with the arrival of Surprise Someone’s amazing gifts these tensions can be a history now. We can express our feelings by writing what we actually wish for our best buddy in each paper, which shows our love to our loved one.

WishI always wish for my best buddies to have a wonderful life ahead but we never tell them what we wish for them in actual, we always wish them “God Bless you”. But Surprise Someone gave us this amazing Wish Box to tell our friends and love how much we love them and what we wish for them. Each page filled with heart melting wishes, will make them cry but those tears will be of happiness. We really meant alot to our best buddy with whom we spent whole lifetime, when we do something for them it really feels great to do something in a perfect way.

Words have the power to break the unbreakable and thrive the whats dying. The most beautiful gift to give your loved one are beautiful words which show your love for them which no other materialistic thing can do. Pack your magically heartfelt feelings and gift it to those who you love on their birthday/ Anniversary or any special occasions.

As soon as you open it, you will find 24 blocks filled with empty colorful sheets. This is for you to write beautiful expressions and wishes for you dear ones.

It could be anyone: your love/your mom/your dad/your sister and so on.Wish

Specifications of Wish Box

SURPRISE for you is that one can remove the inside partitions later and use it as slip box or multipurpose box.

Size: 13.5 inches x 5.5 inches

Material: Cardboard + Thick Hand made sheet with fine finishing.

Go ahead and make someone feel special with your beautiful expression in form of wishes or memories captured.

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