June 23, 2024

About Us

Sidhinajar News- comprehensive digital national news platform conceived to deliver seamless news and information services, using image, video-centric Web Portal. Sidhinajar News is the team of  News Reporters ,bloggers and vloggers who loves to write content and create words by playing with mind and heart. It is first-of-its kind offering in India in terms of diversity and depth, dedicated journalists network, reach of 24 states with services in 2 languages i.e. Hindi, English. Sidhinajar News is the latest initiative of the highly successful media endeavors include : one of the largely circulated language dailies in the country , Sidhinajar News would draw on its strengths of decades’ long experience and innovation. Sidhinajar News will combine the new technologies of mobile and digital media to engage news and information seekers in a new connected world. It will be driven by well-established news gathering setup, technology specialists and other professionals.

Sidhinajar News is the one place where you will find about Update Public & Govt. News and many things. It means all the updates at just one place, what you need is just to scroll and read.

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