June 13, 2024

Love Comic book is the Best way to portray your love story in words and pictures.

Love Comic Book

Memories is a word that we hear from every person. Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart. Yes, they hold alot of emotions. <3 Some people stay with us forever, that even memories of them makes us smile. But some people leaves us in Middle by virtue of which we hold sad and emotional memories. 🙂But we can never get escape from the memories, thats what he tried to do.

Love Comic BookEvery person have amazing love story in his/her life when they fall in love with someone, here comes the time to Surprise someone  by portraying your memories and love story in this love comic book by Surprise Someone, and tell them how much special and worth he or she have in your beautiful life. Seep those amazing memories with you creativity in this beautiful comic Book and gift your loved ones.
Memories become more special if seeped in a beautiful way, turn your past love story in this amazing love book by portraying your character and each special moment in this book by your special writing.

Be funky and cute at the same time and tell him or her the way you feel. Let the heart do the talking and your words explain your love for that person and turn this comic into a story of you two. You would be able to relate with the comic and you even have a chance to express your emotions in the given space on each leaf of the comic. This comic book is foldable and comes in a box with writing pen. Every page has small clouds for you to express your emotions and second cloud you could choose to leave for your love to fill in. Its going to be real fun.

Specifications of Love Comic Book

Size of comic book: 6 inches x 6 inches

Size of box : 7 inches x 8 inches

No. of pages : 9 sheets

Go ahead and SURPRISE SOMEONE !!

Buying Link: Love Comic Book

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