June 23, 2024

Hey Lover Boys and Girls, Planning some beautiful party for your love with cake in Cake Box?

Cake Box

Is there anything in your mind for their Birthday Special Cake, or is your Anniversary near and planning for making a cake for your loved one.

Cake BoxHere Surprise someone have this beautiful Cake box for you, to tell your loved one how much you love them.

Cake is the sweetest dessert for the party, and every person waits for their Special day cakes. Cake is regularly served as a celebratory dish on formal events, for instance weddings, commemorations, and birthdays. Surprise Someone helping you to make this cake more special and more sweeter for your loved one.

A handmade Cake Box with 10 different pastry sized pieces, you can fill them not just with the cake pieces but with piece of your heart, with candies, and brownies, cookies, chips, chips, yummy gems, gums and almost anything.  Product has 10 pastry size boxes with beautiful and cute illustrations. This will be coming along with cake tray box.You will have to assemble the boxes on your own and display all of them in tray box.

The Beautiful Red Colour tray with 10 Pastry boxes inside having Some beautiful scribbling on each pastry box. You can arrange it in your way to tell your loved one how much they mean to you and your life.

The cake will looks more sweeter by each illustrations written outside the box. Cake BoxYour loved one will love reading about themselves while eating each slice you made for them from your heart. Life is all mean for the Surprises, and Surprise Someone helping us to make it more special for us and our love

Specification Of Cake Box

Size: 8 inches x 8 inches
This entire set consist of:
10 pastry sized box (triangle shape) with 5 different illustrations
1 tray box to hold all 10 triangle shaped boxes.
Its hexagon shape box.

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