June 13, 2024

MYSTERY ROOMS: so, guys are you excited to get the real experience of Mystery Rooms – Where Thrill Begins. I have an experience of Mystery Rooms, It was fabulous place where you get a real life around us and also feel thrilling atmosphere. Mystery Room is all about the real escape game. This is place you can go with you family ,friends for enjoying real escape games. A unique thrilling atmosphere makes a room more mysterious and full of amazing things. At every level you will get a new task and challenges. They give a different missions ,mission is depend on the games. Time for one room for completing mission is exactly one hour. you all must escape within a time interval. When you go there and enjoy it then you also say that it is a Mystery Rooms – Where Thrill Begins.
LOCATION: B-7/9  Rajouri Garden, Ring Road, Near Guru Nanak Marbles House, New Delhi, 110015
Name of Mystery Rooms like 


CABIN IN THE WOODS: This is one of the scary and thrilling task. In this the room is fully dark , the theme is based on the forest and they provide three torch. you get some clues and puzzle this will help you to find out murderer in forest.If you will not escape in hour one of the person of your team will trapped with killer. Mystery Rooms - Where Thrill Begins
LOCKOUT: In this you are locked in jail because you are prisoner. Room is really look like a real jail . Here,you need is to break jail in one hour.Mystery Rooms - Where Thrill Begins
In this room boombs are fiitted and you need to find these boombs & the mission is to diffuse the bomb in one hour other wise bomb will blast.Mystery Rooms - Where Thrill Begins
ABDUCTION: In this room team is kidnapped and you try to find clues, solving questions and you need to find that person and will escape with in one hour.Mystery Rooms - Where Thrill Begins
such a nice place for enjoying real mystery,solving puzzle,question ,To find hidden clues, investigation makes game more exicting. Best place for visit with your friends and family.

Mystery Rooms - Where Thrill BeginsMystery Rooms - Where Thrill Begins

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