June 23, 2024

SMAASH, GURGAON –  Smaash , the gaming zone opened in the cyber city, gurgaon where virtual world meets reality. If you are a gaming freak then smash is the perfect place. A totally new concept in an indoor era where you can experience unlimited fun and thrilling games. One can spend time with their friends and family. Various interesting games will increase your zeal to play. There are so many games that you will get of playing and the games will not end.


AMBIENCE – A perfect ambience which would give you an amazing feeling , lovely music , fully air conditioning atmosphere , bustling ambience.



  1. Fly max    2. Finger coaster   3. walk the plank   4. cricket   5. football   6. bowling   7. Face Ronaldo and  many more.

20160629_144057FINGER COASTER –  The most thrilling and adventurous virtual reality game where you feel  so good moving up and down the ladder in high speed. The height and speed would make u feel amazing. That some minutes would give you a feel that you have never experienced.


FLY MAX – Fly max give you an amazing aerial experience. You feel like a bird, free to move anywhere in an open sky. Its just a matter of putting up your VR’s and enjoying the 3D experience.


WALK THE PLANK – Want to experience a real height? Then do go for walk the plank . You will definitely get amazed. Fear would seize you up. you will feel like you are walking on single plank of wood at a height and there is nothing on the sides. A wrong step, and you will feel like you falling down from a building or a tower.

20160629_155749BOWLING – A game where you can spend more time with your love ones as two chances are allotted to each person during a level. You will be provided with ten levels in total. Balls of different weight are provided according to players wish. Also there is long area for balls to roll down and hit the bottles.

Different section for snacks and beverages is too provided which would compete your appetite. The food is really delicious .



VERDICT – Getting bore at home? planning for a meet up with friends or family? Then what you are waiting for?

Smaaash is the perfect place where you can enjoy a lot and experience virtual reality meeting the real.







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