June 13, 2024

DLF MALL NOIDA, 29 April 2016, FRIDAY:

With the increasing trends in fashion world, Ayesha Accessories launched  its new accessories store with lot of new ideas and stuff. The showroom launch is outstanding. Ayesha was  along with her  mom  at the launch. They talked about different accessories and their designs they have selected. Also, a competition  was held  which was about  grooming Ayesha with the accessories.Ayesha Accessories

An amazing collection of neckpieces, braceletes, earings, hand accessories with breathtaking designs.

WhatsApp-Image-20160430 (2)Ayesha accessories is having a wide range of collection where everyday you can be a new you. You can live your life as a princess with the great neckpieces which are embedded with shining silver and golden stones  and the accessories are undoubtedly very comfortable to wear and you don’t have to compromise for your coziness when you are using these accessories.  Amazing Collection for men are also available like the multi  functional headwear. Also another session named as “UNKNOWN” is also specified for the men where all the stuff like men’s bracelets, caps, lockets are available at wide range.


Every lady desire to look  best and these accessoriesWhatsApp-Image-20160430 would enhance your beauty.  Also, collection  of lovely  handbags  are too available  which  you can match  easily with your dresses.

A lady can dress up head to toe with the amazing varieties. The metal stuff are simply eye catching and are too soothing. Bangles  with different designs and  rainbow colours are  fabulous.

Dream of looking the best is  not so far when you have ayesha’s collection near you. From having a  traditional look to a glamourous party look, every accessories are at the store.

Grab the amazing collection at ayesha accessories and be the another you everyday with all the  trending stuffs at the store.

Verdict About Ayesha Accessories

Grab the amazing deals from Ayesha’s Accessory at DLF malls Noida and enjoy the looks.


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  1. Aakriti Singh… A fab job done..Liked your blog very much…And i hope you write these types of more and more blogs..

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