June 23, 2024

28th April, DLF Mall Noida: SMAAASH, recently launched at DLF mall of India, Noida has added a bloom to the mall. It is basically designed for all the game lover so that they can experience various kick and dodge games,racing games, simulation games and virtual reality games as well under one roof. Its sports-centric immersive interactive entertainment and gaming center.



Smaaash“Smaaash is a labour of love for me. Every experience enjoyed by a patron is a personal success. At Smaaash we are never satisfied with the latest and the best, the aim is always to go beyond and reach for the stars. We now present the destination that Noida has been waiting for two decades. We are brining to the city, a never seen before gaming experience with fresh concepts, powerful simulative technology and innovative design. Maintaining the perfect balance between virtual and real, the interactive experience at Smaaash lets everyone escape to a different world and playout their dreams.” said Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer, Smaaash Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

SmaaashAt Smaaash GameCentre, one can also immerse oneself into virtual reality technology that is so close to reality that it completely absorbs one’s senses. A mix of motion positional tracking, virtual reality high definition Head Mounted Displays (HMD), along with a state of the art graphics engine that renders in real time, adds the high definition thrill to adventure gaming.

Games like Walk The Plank, Finger Coaster, Fly Max, Face Ronaldo and many more provide for a completely immersive experience and transfer you to a world beyond your wildest imagination.

SmaaashSmaaash is not all about gaming its the way to distress yourself with your child or with your friends or with your family where you can enjoy all that stuff which is impossible for you to do in reality. Not only this but Smaaash also includes the place to eat where you can order what you love, just enjoy the food along with the gaming and in three words i will say

                 “Chakk De Phatte”

Verdict For Smaaash:

The place is value for money where you can enjoy the food, games and can easily distress yourself after a hectic schedules of office by spending bucks on valuable virtual reality games.

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