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Crochet TalesNew Delhi, Monday, April 18, 2016: As India is full of traditions and amazing dresses, and growing craze of fashion helping the designers to showcase their wonderful talent. India Runway week is the great platform where Designers showcased their Wonderful designs and innovation in field of fashion.

Ms. Mamta Gupta, a woman of strong mettle and enthusiasm also presented her collection of Crochlet Tales inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the country, including a rich heritage of butterflies and moths. In fact Mamtaa’s brand name is after the Indian Purple Emperor butterfly, the Mimathyma!



IMG_3155 2Available inmany beautiful colors such as yellow, orange, cream, and ecru,
the collection represents innovation and style together to retain special fashionable twist.

The collection showcases Indian hand block prints, with a fusion of Crochet, a French term and a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread or strands of other materials using a crochet hooks.

The designer collection is fabricated on 100% cotton and is a fusion of crochet and malmal bagh prints.


IMG_3196 2 Ms. Mamta Mamta, Founder, Buzzaria adds, “India is a competitive market but Mimathyma with the concept of ‘Innovative, Creative and fashionable designs’ strive to provide quality premium products with keeping customer satisfaction as priority, we are excited as well as prepared for positioning Mimathyma in Indian Market.”

Mimathyma work in collaboration with the women entrepreneurs across India and is an independently running micro manufacturing unit, each having 5­20 workers.



The Availability of these wears will be at

Buzzaria Bhram House, F 343 Lado Sarai Old M.B Road, New Delhi and Jacanda Handicrafts 36 Norwich Market, Norwich; Contact:011 45793261.


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