June 23, 2024
Wish boxInstead of the usual birthday card, I picked up the beautiful wish box from Surprise Someone. It has colourful sheets and on these sheets I put my feelings in words for my best friend. Our friendship has been since we were little girls. And now we are both busy in our own worlds. But this birthday, wish box gave me an opportunity to express my feelings. Each sheet had heartfelt message for her and I am sure it touched her heart too. Our friendship has evolved and changed over the years and while I sat down to write all memories were revived. As compared to the usual birthday greeting card, this wish box is a little incremental, innovative, handmade and definitely a much more colourful way of wishing my friends. This box has given such a fairy tale feel to our friendship. My gift stood out among all the gifts she received at the party. She had a party where all her friends were present. It was a cheerful celebration. Everyone enjoyed the fun, food and warmth to the fullest. She sent a little thank you note saying “best gift from my best friend”, what more could I expect. Thanks Surprise Someone for having such exclusively designed gifts.

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