June 13, 2024

New Delhi, June 21, 2016: Anyone who has ever owned JustLikeNewa smartphone in India knows the hassles faced in getting these prized possessions repaired. With the choice boiling down to making multiple trips to an expensive authorised service centre or leaving the phone in the dubious care of mum & pop repair outlets, consumers often have to compromise between cost and quality. This market gap between consumer requirements and service delivery is what JustLikeNew .in, India’s premier smartphone repair service network, is looking to eliminate with its extensive array of consumer-centric solutions.JustLikeNew

Established in 2015 by IIT and XLRI alumni, JustLikeNew.in aims to disrupt the smartphone & tablet after-sales services market through service standardisation and cost-effective end-user solutions. The platform productises services by pre-defining all key elements such as pricing, timelines and terms for over 10000 repair services related to all major brands on its website. This provides prospective users with a clear idea about the prospective expenditure of getting their smart devices repaired and greatly augments the transparency of information available to the end-user.

Speaking on the announcement, Rahul Agarwal, Co-founder & COO, JustLikeNew.in, said, “Despite being a highly lucrative market segment, the smartphone after-sales servicing and maintenance industry in India is extremely fragmented and unreliable. This fragmentation is what we are actively trying to eliminate through JustLikeNew.in. We are confident that through our tech-enabled platform, we will be able to foster trust amongst the country’s consumers and deliver effective smartphone repair and servicing solutions to meet their device maintenance requirements.”JustLikeNew

However, verifiability and trust are not the only benefits that JustLikeNew brings in for the consumer. The platform also offers features such as free home pickup and drop, standby mobile and two-day repair to enhance ease-of-use, value-addition and service standardisation. Moreover, with a 90-day after-service warranty, JustLikeNew ensures that its users are assured of high quality service fulfilment. The company is currently operational in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and also offers services across India through its strategic partnership with 3PL.

JustLikeNew“We are not just addressing the symptoms, but are also eliminating the market gaps at the very core. The end-goal is to develop a comprehensive country-wide service and repair network that will allow smartphone owners to get their devices fixed without compromising on either the convenience or value-for-money aspects,” adds Rahul.

This path-breaking approach has also been driving great traction for JustLikeNew. The venture has growth by an average of 25% month-on-month, and is also currently operating in the B2B segment through partnerships with Uber, Ola, Swiggy and Qualcomm for smartphone servicing. JustLikeNew will be looking to expand its physical presence in three more cities by December 2016 and will also diversify its service offerings by venturing into Buy Back, Insurance & Refurbished Sales in the near future.


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