June 13, 2024


10 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Corporate Event

Have you run out of ideas to promote your corporate event? Well, throwing budget at the problem guarantees nothing so instead try throwing creativity at it. Fresh ideas are a far more valuable currency for the successful promotion of your event. This particularly goes for squeezing a new demand on people’s time into an already cluttered calendar.

-Tips to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

  • When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it’s important to plan ahead. List everything you can think of and walk through these items step by step.
  • The earlier you get started – and the more things you think about early on – the less “last-minute stress” you’ll have, and the more time you’ll have to find sales and discounts and research other good ideas.

-Eco-Friendly Marriage

  • Eco –Friendly Marriage is a beautiful way of making your wedding an environment friendly process. Such marriages make for a unique, appealing to the eyes, captivating ceremony.
  • When more & more people go for   Eco –Friendly Marriages, it shows their love, respect & sensitivity towards Mother Nature.

– How to make Bride & Groom’s entry memorable?

  •  Weddings are pious ceremony which are celebrated in India in  an exquisite way. It’s that time of life. when a girl/guy  finds her soul mate with dreams of happily ever after  .
  • And the occasion has to do justice with her dreams of a fairy tale wedding .
  • At the same time it should be an unforgettable vents for the guests who are invited  to the wedding.
  • To make a wedding  ceremony successful, rituals should be done in a away that it gets imprinted in the minds of those present forever.
  •  Among the various vital rituals on the wedding day, one such is like   the opening scene of a movie, the entry of Bride & Groom

    – Benefits of hiring a wedding planner

    Are you planning to get married? But have no time to plan this special day with limited budget. Running here and there and looking for each section of the wedding is getting difficult.

  • Make it hassle free by hiring a  planner who will get photographers, caterers, make-up, artists, decorations, venue choreographers, all under one roof.
  •   Let the wedding planner take care of every teeny-weeny detail of the arrangements.
  • It is planners’ responsibility to make this day rocking and memorable for you and your guests.

– Different types of Mandaps

Ocassionis one of the great occasions not only in  India but in the whole world. The feeling of getting married boosts up your excitement level. No doubt your life is going to be changed now. Someone special is near to come in your life, who stays forever with you in every ups and downs of life. Sometimes this tingling thought makes you smile

Wedding is one of the most precious moment of every one’s life. Most of us plan of a dream wedding. Everybody wants some special and stunning occasion for this great day. Your best choice and selection of each and every aspect make your day more convenient with in your budget.

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