June 23, 2024

Me staying in Delhi, and now i feel safe because of Jio Network and the endless features they are offering me which i can use without tension of limits of usage. Couple of days back, when I bought Samsung Galaxy A5, the retailer told me about Reliance Jio Preview offer. Initially, I was sceptical about what it is or is it a corn of shopkeeper for sale of their sim card. Like any other person, I was having doubts and hows in place wondering if this is a marketing gimmick but then I thought of giving it a try.Reliance Jio

Well, now that i used it and I have experienced it, I am sure it is not a marketing gimmick at all. The best part is, the entire process was a breeze and so smooth for me. All I had to do was activate the Jio SIM by submitting minimal documents to the shopkeeper. Since then, I have been using Jio SIM to connect to my friends, share secrets with my 2 am friend, make calls, check updates and the list continues. According to me, Reliance Jio rocks!!! The total unlimited plans for 3 months is rocking and getting me crazy yes Reliance Jio is making India Crazy.

Now if Reliance Jio is offering ‘free voice calls’ I am delighted. What more I can ask for, they are offering unlimited Internet, SMS and Unlimited Calls. I feel safer as a woman. I need not bother about checking balance. Now that I have been using the Jio services, I am not questioning there network reach. The benefits are endless. I can call up my mom-dad, without bothering them to recharge my wallet (…..eventually the phone will get recharged). I don’t understand the complex technology, but the call experience is unbroken. It is like a WhatsApp call. For students like me, it is a boon.

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