June 13, 2024

Defodio is an organisation with the intention of educating and inspiring like-minded people all over the world to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances. To educate the students about the upcoming trends in technology, to inculcate advanced knowledge through the extensive research based, very creative educative material provided to the students by virtue of which we will prepare them for the job interviews, and other important examinations.
We saw many ups and downs to create this platform for the students and people just like us who really wants to explore something out of them and who really wants to pursue their passion rather than run around the vicious circle of Jobs and same deeds that others are running around.
We love to break the rings which world have created to bound the mentality around money, and we really work for our passion whether its technology, cultural, digital, beauty, we are everywhere as we created a user friendly organisation just for those who really wants to explore this amazing world of opportunities.

“So Lets take a Tour Of What we Do at Defodio”

So what we did? this is the biggest question, we gathered the students, brainstorm their interests and provided them the way  to pursue it. No we are not trainers, we are not business minded people. We just love to show the path and love to motivate students and teach them what they can do , what is their strength and how they can do.

It all started with idea ohhhhh yes the first quote “What an Idea Sir Ji”

Started By Vibhor Gulati and  Abhishek with an idea to do something for our college students which we lacked from, to do something best for others so that the problems we faced in our life, other colleagues must not feel the same.

Launched this Organisation on 19th January 2015 with idea of growth, the hall was filled with students who really wanted to do something in life, the hall was filled with an interest and excitement to know about what we going to share with these beautiful students who were just exploring the pages of books in every sessional. The hall was filled with 300+ students with full of energy. 1900687_1579233332313963_4440049955411152065_o

After this  enthusiastic session, many students trusted us and we got 100+ 5* reviews from the students who really believed in us and our idea.

Many students trusted us and joined us with an idea to explore themselves technically through their heart. We started with Robotics Classes and an Cultural class for those who wanted to practical things in life.

After these classes our students performed at many State level competitions Technical/Cultural Held at many colleges like DTU, NSIT, IPU, BITS PILANI, IIT Roorkee, and won more than 50 Prizes after just 1 month of training. Students explored different world which was other than books and bookish knowledge. They trusted us and we did our best to give it back to them in the form of their success. We Arranged workshops in Batches and that too just for free.


“DEFODIO Turning Dreams Into Reality”

11802706_894316153996222_9034081051323893711_o Students trusted us and believed 11847331_520272734791360_1036447279_oin us and then comes the time of ASUS Zenfestival, we arranged entry passes for 150+ students, our students enjoyed alot their. Here are some glimpse of ASUS Zenfestival


Not only this those who approached us for content writing, we taught students about blogging and content writing and how they can earn from content writing. Students started joining the blogging field and started working on their own websited, each and every student have great ranking now and working amazingly in Blogging field.

We provided them paid projects with COOLPAD, and QIKU smartphone companies and not only they got their pay-cheques, but also they got certification of excellence and alot of goodies for these projects, while studying our students earn the profits out from the work of their interest.

We Arranged many meetups for our colleagues at Mystery Room, Rajouri and Smaaash, Gurgaon for more than 30 colleagues just to boost them up after their exams, we try our best to provide you best at zero cost and we do alot of hardwork for all of our colleagues so that whatever problems we faced while linking things up, they will not face such problems ever in life.DSC_0167

We Did this because we love you all, we never do this for our sake or any money. We never charge for our services, what we expect is your growth and respect.
13507147_1726189507622516_7795817060366673087_nThis is all we are, this is all Defodio all about.

“We are with you, for you and from you.”

#KeepTrusting We have alot more things in ways, just keep your interest high.

We have alot more opportunities for you all, just trust us.
We are looking for more explorers, more enthusiastic students, Want to join us just ping us on our facebook page and we’ll get back to you.

Important Links: Defodio Facebook Page

Vibhor Gulati

Abhishek Arora

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