June 13, 2024

Red Rocks Red Rocks Gym a newly opened gym in currently present in Vaishali Delhi.  The name Red Rocks , (make yourself Proud) was kept, keeping in mind the concept of making each and every member of the gym as Strong as Rocks and make them Proud of themselves.  Its  a luxury gym with all the luxury facilities which includes Spa, Good Music, cafeteria, Good customer service and the  kind of workouts designed for them. Not only the customers but even the trainers that will train each and every member will be fully qualified and certified.


The company’s tagline is “Make yourself Proud” to provide an holistic Red Rocks fitness experience to its members, we engage them with a variety of innovative group class provided by the experts. The Classes includes
, Power Yoga, Bhangra Masala, Kick Boxing, Zoomba, Bollywood Zoomba, Body Combat, Aerobicka and many more.

In Delhi at the moment we have 1 clubs  which is in Vaishali Sector 2  being 10,000 sqft in size.


USP Red Rocks Gym

Entertainment and Innovation are the two elements that differentiate us from the others. There is a great element of fun involved in Gym classes that are exclusive only to us. When it Comes to Equipment’s  they are exclusively from US Life Fitness. Red Rocks will have the Largest and exclusive collection of Life Fitness Equipment’s which includes, Hammer Strength, Elevation Serious, and Many More. We provide a unique concept of combining sport and entertainment. Red Rocks We only hire qualified instructors who have a good reputation.


Red Rocks is one of the luxuries gym in the NCR and they guarantee you for the perfect feeling of luxurious. Gym is not only about the equipments used in it but red rocks gives you all the luxury feeling which you expect in  a five star hotel.  Special feature which red rocks is providing to the customer is Barcode Reader. Every Machine used in Red Rocks have a barcode which the customers can scan from their phone and will get all the details of the machine.


Luxury  Jacuzzi with luxurious spa . The interior of the washroom is Italian. Red Rocks Everything is made in keeping in mind about the customes. The customers will get the best of all the amount they have paid.

Music System

The Music System used in the gym is very good and it will give you a feel of Pub and Lounge. Music always give you energy to work out and this keeping in mind red rocks have used the best music system.

So Red Rocks is perfect end to starvation for the people who are fitness freek.


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