June 13, 2024
Smaaash Noida 
Address:: A501A, B504, 4th floor, Mall Of India, Plot No. M03, Sector 18
Timmings :: 11 A.M. – 11 P.M.
A games driven, intelligent amusement focus is the way Smaaash characterize themselves. With an extensive variety of immersive gaming segments, Smaaash keeps the fervor level at its prime. You may come up short on time, yet you might not come up short on alternatives here.I figure they have touched the correct spot for the clients and that is not liquor or basically nourishment, but rather its assembled investing the relaxation energy and they are doing it very well.You can go for your office parties, or even cluster of companions can go and visit this place and spend no less than 4 hours effectively by playing bunches of recreations and getting to know one another.
Super Keeper: You think you know football alright? In any event penalty shootouts ought to be a simple errand for you? Stay cautioned. Super Keeper at Smaaash requires more than just abilities and hitting the ball into the net is no simple an undertaking. The goalie at super attendant is practically phenomenal and the person who figures out how to score an incomprehensible 10 on 10 can bring home a Harley Davidson.
Smaaash Cricket: A 360-degree cricket simulator is your stadium where your bat against the cricketing legends. This zone is not just about showing your cricketing skills, 6 continuous sixes gets you to win a Harley Davidson.
Virtual Reality roller coaster ride was the best VR amusement , you can outline your rides all alone and the ride feels like you are really sitting on an exciting ride. Presently , lets come to bowling…The bargains here are appealing undoubtedly. A score of 120 wins both of you glasses of beer. Score 210 and get 5000 worth of energize on your Smaaash card.You can likewise arrange nourishment there and eat it on your tables.
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