June 13, 2024

We live in a world where we have endless diseases and impure products. It has apparently become difficult to live a healthy and a happy life. Every day we spend more money buying organic and natural products. But sadly, all we care about is what we eat. It is not just what goes in out tummies has to be healthy, but it’s equally important to wear what is healthy for our skin, it is important to use the right fabric in our bedsheets, sarees, shirts etc etc.


Since we live a really busy life, Vichitra Weave and Vichitra Collection is offering a helping hand and it aims at bringing the best fabric for your skin. Made up with organic colors and natural fabric, they have a breathtakingly beautiful collection that is for all age groups. Vichitra has some really pretty colors and Indian handwoven fabrics that is curated especially keeping in mind the adverse environmental problems.

This time, they have come up with their spring 45 - Copycollection that has some Hand-woven Silk Sarees, Chanderi Silk hand block printing using vegetable colors and mud resists dyes Hand-block printed Un-Stitched Suits, Kurties stoles, dupattas etc. For men they have Shirts and Kurtas as well. Recently they have also come up with yoga pants. All of these items are not only for personal use, but they make really good gifting options.

Not just this, but they have a lot more. For all those beautiful ladies they have exotic fashion jewelry collection with Necklaces and bracelets’ made up of Beads, Pearls and Semi-Precious stones. Moreover, Vichitra has Marble Inlay, Brass Wear, Miniature Painting, Fashion and Stone Jewelry, Wood Carving and Wood Inlay, Bronze Casting, Original Jaipuri Quilts in Velvet and Cotton, Bedcovers etc.

Vichitra Collection and Weave aims at bringing ethnic and authentic and high quality hand crafted products within your range.  The entire collection depicts the year’s long authentic Indian textile culture and the products are brought straight from looms to your hands. The use of natural colors makes them more beautiful and skin friendly and above all, eco friendly.
For booking your products from any corner of the world call them at– 96543024655 and get additional discounts. Happy Shopping!

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