June 13, 2024

MYSTERY ROOMS , RAJOURI GARDEN – A place where you get a Real Life Escape Game Experience. It is the best place, one can hangout with family or friends. A Thrilling atmosphere that would amaze you. A unique concept which will make you feel like you are in the games itself which you play on your mobiles phones or laptops. A real life scenarios, Live escape game, amazing adventurous missions, challenging task and lots of mysteries. Mystery rooms provides you with different missions, all you need is to try to escape. you are given exactly one hour to complete the mission.



A group of people are locked inside the theme rooms and they have to crack the codes and the instructions and try IMG-20160630-WA0039to escape.


In the hurt locker, the mission is to defuse the bomb and save the people whereas in abduction you need to find clues and try to find out the targets where the terrorist have plotted the bomb. The cabin in the wood is about the journey in the woods and escaping through the dark. you can experience a real team work with your group members. You are also been provided with a help button if you struck somewhere inside the room during the mission.IMG-20160630-WA0038-1

Solving puzzles, Finding hidden clues and investigating to escape on time will give you a amazing experience and you will feel that you are is a different world. you will get exciting 60 minutes that will challenge all your senses. The time based challenges makes the games more exciting. The more exciting fact is that you will not realize when this one hour is about to end as you will be deeply indulge in the missions.

LOCATION – B-7/9  Rajouri Garden, Ring Road, Near Guru Nanak Marbles House, New Delhi, 110015


Verdict – The best place if you quetion is “Things to do in Delhi“. Pull up your socks guys and do experience the amazing world you have never experienced before. A REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.


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