June 23, 2024

LeEco introduced Le2 on 8th june, 2016. Le2 comes up in the market with amazing features and specifications which every user desire to have. Le2 is available at a rate of 11,999/- which is easily affordable price for the common man.

The amazing device, LeEco would be exclusively available on 28th, June 2016 through flipkart. We got the device in hand to go through the basic performance of the device related to camera performance, Gaming performance etc.  We tried our best on reviewing the device which would help the user.We have gone through the Gaming Review of the device. It is quite good then the other devices.

Gaming Review



Gaming ReviewWe tried very heavy load games and recorded the temperature so as to analyse the performance.We tried different games like clash of clans, Gangstar Vegas, Candy Crush.


The temperature is been noted before and after playing the game. The room tempertature was 35 degree so the temperature of Le2 was noted to be 35 degree.



GANGSTER VEGAS : It is one the high end game and after playing it for 15 minutes we recorded the tempertaure through CPU-Z and analysed that the earlier temperature of the phone was 36.2 degree and after a continous playing of the game the temperature was checked and it was 37.2 degree that mean there was no heating. The experience of playimg heavy load games on Le2 was smooth and amazing

Gaming Review       Gaming Review


We also looked upon the ram usage. we checked the heavy loaded games and many were running in background, the ram management with LeEco Le2 is perfect as even after playing the heavy loaded game on daily basis, the device do not lags anywhere in the performance.






The device is amazing performance wise. the user will not feel any issues regarding heating problems, hanging. There is a smooth usage for the user throughout. User can easily enjoy his or her favourite games without any trouble and play with complete ease.


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