June 23, 2024

SurpriseI had an arranged marriage through newspapers. I still remember the nervousness of first meeting, the time his family said yes, our marriage. Like in all such marriages my family took a back seat and people unknown to me until a few months back was “my family”. Apne paraye Ho Gaye Aur paraye apne.  New relationships need nurturing with love and oh yes time too!! But believe you me, it’s all so beautiful. The journey is an experience of a lifetime (no pun intended) and also worth it. I would not say that we make a perfect couple, I wouldn’t say that this journey with my hubby has been a bed of roses, we had our share of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, good times and bad times. But the best part is we were together in all situations and had support to fight back. 

It was my 10th anniversary and I wanted to gift him something different, unique. Something that would remind him of our journey together. Not run of the mill gifts that are expensive but cannot explain our journey, the emotions, the love. I searched and searched and finally stumbled upon Surprise Someone. My prayers were answered. The Love Comic book is the apt solution. It is  the perfect gift as I wanted to do something mind blowing. I reached out to the Surprise Someone team and asked them to customise each page as per our situations and then cutely filled up woman bubbles with my emotions. So now my hubby just knows how precious he is and how much I love him..after all love makes our world go round. 
It was tough to keep a surprise as I was so excited about this gift but still waited till the D-day to give him this. And oh my will never forget his reaction. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. He was ecstatic. Thank you Surprise Someone for getting us even more close. Past..am already thinking about next year situations.

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