June 13, 2024
I had a small gathering at my place to show off my newly painted and somewhat newly done up house. It was just a ‘ ladies day out’ where I invited my friends for lunch and had a good, relaxed time with them. My friends enjoyed the get together. The food and frolic was the highlight of the party. And to top it all, I bought these beautiful, multi coloured photo frames from Surprise Someone as return gifts for them. It was amusing to see grown ups choose their photo frame colour to match the decor and theme in their respective houses. The photo frame with pictures add so much life to the room and hence the excitement is understandable. 

Surprise Someone
Each picture tells a story and the lovely photo frame adds glamour. These photo frames are so pretty that they stand out in a room. I have done up a wall next to the staircase with these photo frames. I picked from photo frames from the vast variety available at Surprise Someone. I took frames of different sizes, colours and patterns. Once I added a picture to these frames and put them on the wall, the result is stunning and eye catching to say the least. The moment one enters the house, automatically the coloured beautiful frames with the pictures grab the attention. It is often a conversation point as we stand to discuss both the frame and the picture and the whole story attached to it as to how, when, who, where it is clicked etc. Thank you Surprise Someone for adding the vibrancy to my house, my world. 

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