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DSC_007431 March, 2016 New Delhi: Korean company Samsung unvieled its new innovation featured in Samsung J3 for the first time named as “S Bike Mode”, an industry-first dedicated feature for two–wheeler riders designed to enable responsible and tension free riding.

“Samsung is constantly pursuit of meaningful innovations that make people’s lives better. S bike mode is result  of that vision. While studying the consumers phone usage behavious, we realised that incoming calls are a major distraction to bikers. We are very happy that we have come up with something that will benefit millions of two-wheelers users and promote responsible riding.” Said Mr. Asim Warsi( Senior vice president).

S Bike Mode

Samsung J3

S Bike mode once activated at the begining of a ride, any caller trying to reach the Galaxy J3 user will be notified through an automated machine that the user is riding and cannot take calls so that the ride remains uninterrupted. S Bike mode will be available across all 4G-enables Galaxy J series devices over period of time.

S Bike mode was developed and built into the Galaxy J3 by following the market research which aimed to create meaningfull nd useful to people.

How It Works

Step 1- Quick Activation:

The  Galaxy J3 ships with an S bike mode NFC TAG. This TAG can be fixed at a convinient place on two-wheeler and user just have to gently tap the device on this tag to activate/deactivate the mode. There is quick panel available to quickly activate/deactivate feature through phone.

Step 2- Urgent Call Alert System:

There will be no notification to the user if the caller is calling while the  S Bike mode is activated. Caller will hear a pre-recorded message that inform that user is ridding two-wheeler. In case the call is urgent, caller has to press 1, which will allow the user to hear the call with a distinctive and unique ringtone ot

her than normal call ringtone.

Step 3- Motion Lock:

The user cannot pick the call till the motion of bike come to halt. The user have to decide if he want to pick the call or not, without stopping the vehicle the user will not have the right to pick the call. This safety feature is designed to encourage responsible riding.

Specification of Samsung J3




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