June 13, 2024
Reed Diffuser Eternal Romance

Niana launched its range of Reed Diffusers selecting seven fragrances from their signature scents namely Eternal Romance, Mystique, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Cool Fresh, Mediterranean Breeze and Moonlake Musk. This gives the customer a large variety to choose from depending on the area to fragrance. Add warmth to your surroundings with Eternal Romance, Mystique or Moonlake Musk. To refresh your mind or awaken your senses, Cool Fresh and Mediterranean Breeze will do the trick while the fruity and delicious Grapefruit & Mangosteen twist is truly uplifting and invigorating. For a gentle floral bouquet, the all year round popular Honeysuckle Jasmine with hints of pear, lemon and cassis will create just the right fresh and captivating atmosphere you need. Niana Reed Diffusers are blended, labeled and packaged by hand.



Reed Diffuser Mediterranean Breeze


How to use:

Reed diffusers work by letting porous rattan reeds soak up perfumed oil, usually contained in a glass bottle. Then, when the reeds are turned over, the oil naturally evaporates into the air, releasing the fragrance into the room.  You can control how strong the scent is by the number of reeds you use (more reeds will give you more evaporating oils, and a stronger scent), and also by turning the reeds around to release more fragrance. It is also advisable to gently swirl the oils in the bottle from time to time.



About Niana

Niana entered the aroma fragrance industry in 2011 with a range of hand poured soy candles.

Reed Diffuser Moonlake Musk

Their fragrances are inspired by aromatic flowers, exotic spices and luscious fresh fruits. Today, they have over 30 blends and a range of collections to choose from. Both, candles and reed diffusers are available on www.niana.co and through multi brand boutiques in India. Each product is luxuriously packaged and makes a wonderful gift for all occasions.

For more fragrance options you can visit: www.niana.co

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