June 13, 2024

ms 1 So are you a food fanatic? If yes ,the doors are open for you at Mighty Smaash. They welcome and honour you with lots of stunning delectable varieties.

Eating in Divine thought makes an enormous difference in the way eaten food shall help in refreshing your body.

There are various questions that comes into your mind before placing the order like Is the dish worth taking? Will it be appetizing? Mighty Smaash is the place where all your worries fade in a blink of an eye.

Ambience at Mighty Smaash

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A distinctive style era which is so pleasing .All dark with multi coloured lights. One of the charming aspect is the lovely background music that would feverish your mood. The amazing Fragrance refreshes you completely.

Mighty Smaash offers you diversity of canape’s where you can make your own carnival whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian you can get the variation of snacks and the food stuff as you wish.

Various varieties at Mighty Smaash

IMG-20160505-WA0011Mighty Smaash is a carnival refreshment centre where Drinks and juices you wish to have are right on your tables like Puck,Deke,Fresh Strawberry, Lavender,Pomegranate etc.





IMG-20160505-WA0009When you are on an outing with your friends or family at Smaash you can go for ‘GAINT POTATO BASKET’ which is assortment of fries served with sauce and salsa.

Also various you can go for various platters like the PLOUGHMAN’S PLATTER or MEZZE PLATTER. They will salute the biggest of your appetite.

What they have?


The Volcano nachos with variety of dips is just amazing.The Bunny Chow is so delicious that you can feel the taste of every single ingredient put into it.


The chatpat Platter with dip and nuts is yummy and spicy too.There is always some space left for desserts in our stomach.Amazing varieties of desserts like Cheese Cake ,Butter Pudding ,Gold Rush Sundae, Chocolate Earthquake etc.. are in the menu that are simply mouth watering.


Mighty SmaashHave an outing with your friends and family and enjoy the delicious food and snacks at Mighty Smaash.. with affordable price range.

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