June 13, 2024


LeEco  (formerly Letv), a leading global Internet technology company, was awarded “Best of Mobile World Congress – Most Innovative Company” by leading UK technology site Alphr.com. LeEco was recognized for its high quality products, innovation and market disruption notably in the smartphone and automobile industries, where it’s generated headlines around the world.


David Court, editor at Alphr.com said, “It’s pretty clear that LeEco is one to watch. The spec of its flagship handset, the Le Max Pro is tantalizing; we can’t wait to test it. Combined with some of the innovations they are working on in Car-Tech, as well as their Smart ‘Super Bike’ make LeEco the winner of Alphr.com’s ‘Most Innovative Company’ award for MWC 2016.”


The Le 1S and Le Max Pro are beautiful products, with the kind of design and specifications that will turn heads. The Le Max Pro was the first smartphone announced that uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and its edge-to-edge screen is genuinely stunning. But what makes LeEco’s approach genuinely innovative isn’t the hardware on its own, but the way it has been designed to integrate with and promote a whole LeEco ecosystem. Unlike some of its competitors, LeEco has built the ecosystem first and then created hardware to match.

LeEco recognises this and focuses its efforts on creating ecosystem individuality, with mobile media available in China – spanning TV, sport, entertainment and transportation – that could disrupt the Western market if, or rather when, it arrives.



About Alphr.com

Launched in June 2015 Alphr.com has become one of the UK’s biggest technology websites. Covering the amazing technologies that change the way people work and live, Alphr is a website for people who embrace new technology and thrive on change.

About LeEco

It is a leading, global Internet technology company that converges culture, content, innovation, lifestyle and entertainment with a jaw-dropping array of products and experiences that fit perfectly into a broad spectrum of lifestyles. LeEco opens new opportunities for consumers, and the technology and entertainment industries, with an integrated ecosystem that spans smartphones, TVs, transportation, sports, film, entertainment and more. It was recently named one of Fast Company’s 2016 “Most Innovative Companies.”

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