June 23, 2024

This International Yoga Day, ICICI Lombard took up the challenge to make a positive impact in the health and well-being of their employees. The company realized that office workers face a myriad of potential health concerns due to extended periods of sitting & lack of movement.

As a leader in general insurance with a focus on improving quality of life, ICICI Lombard introduced a yoga workshop at its Lower Parel office in Mumbai which was streamed as a live 360 degree video on Facebook & a webcast for all the busy bees who could not make it for the session.

Employees were invited to learn innovative methods of doing yoga from an expert at The Yoga Institute. These asanas can be done at an employee’s desk while utilizing only common office equipment. After the session, employees were asked about their experience, whether the session was helpful for them, and if they would incorporate what they learned into their daily routines.

This is what they had to say. Click here  

If you work an office job and don’t get the time to exercise often, you may want to incorporate some of these easy-to-do asanas in your daily routine. Get started by watching the entire workshop HERE

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