June 13, 2024

Kuppies BrowniesALL your life you have been eating those bread-cakes by some brands, Let me tell you about a great new cupcakes or you can say some authentic kuppies brownies launched by KUPPIES. I bet you will drool when you will see them in pics here but they are even tastier when they touch your tongue. It’s unbelievable that you get such an amazing brownie for just 18RS/piece. This is a brand which supplies to CAFÉ COFFEE DAY and CHAYYOS Costa Coffee, Big Bazaar, Wal Mart, Spenser, 24×7, Easy Day, Big Basket and more. Many other such outlets all over the India. Kuppies is a Dessert Brand based in Delhi/NCR, India, which sells packaged snack cakes & similar desserts directly to consumers through hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as supplies to fast-food restaurants.

Kuppies Brownies

Kuppies BrowniesThe brownies: Kuppies has introduced a 100% Vegetarian kuppies Brownies with Dark Choco Chips. The ones we had were super chocolaty and there no such other in market that taste soo good. It was not at all clumsy and dipped into chocolate. The authentic flavor will make you fall in love with this super tasty stuff. The brownie is so fudgy and the portion is quite heavy. These kuppies brownies makes you experience a new flavor out of those so called brownies currently available in market. The flavor will linger for several minutes after you finish and would satisfy all your chocolate cravings.

Other than kuppies brownies, they offer some cakes that are exclusively available at chaos and other such outlets. Their cakes like blueberry, with real fruit and deep filled flavor splash. Banana cake, for all those health lovers who loves to have tasty food. GAJJAR KA HALWA cake, directly from Indian kitchen with real stuffed carrots.

You can directly order your cakes from big basket or grab them from nearby grocery store. They will be always delicious.

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