June 13, 2024

‘Bayar’ drama was staged in the LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, by Alif Theater, which was directed by Raunak Khan. Prior to this, he has successfully directed the Khoj- bin, hawalat, Khuda Hafiz, etc. The drama was also associated with ‘Piya Bharpiya’ and staged the play in countries such as China, Australia, and Taiwan.

About the play
“Bayar” wind| Bayar is a reality of a troupe of singers and dancers. A story of a troupe who’s emotionally attached to the Folk and traditional forms. Emotional because they have nothing else apart from emotions and relations. Perhaps, that’s why the troupe is the only solace for all of them. The members don’t know anything more than dancing and singing, as they have neither taught nor learned anything else. They had no clue about the storm the troupe and the Folk forms were to go through.

When this Dance group goes to a village and plans to be here for a few days to be able to perform at few neighboring villages as well. Bala is a young boy from the village who has a passion for singing & dancing. Bala gets closer to the troupe during this time, but Bala’s father Girodhar Mishra was dead against Singing & dancing. Bala often used to get beaten up for singing & dancing. Bala elopes with the troupe as he got fade up with the regular abuses. Then he starts with the gipsy life of a musical troupe.

Major role are played by Nehapal Gautam, Manoj Pandit, DivyanShu Singh, Abhimanyu, Akash Singh, Rama Sharma, Manisha, Mehiran Shaba, Salim, Mohit, Deepak, Ravi, Priyesh etc. and made the drama live with their strong acting. Lighting management and music were excellent. Through the folklore, the sweetness of Bhojpuri language was also felt.

About the director
Raunak khan as an actor doing freelane theatre has done Diploma in acting from Sri Ram centre for performing art. Also working in Kingdom of Dreams project Zangoora. He performed around globe like China, Australia, Taiwan Europe He directed plays like khuda hafiz, khoj bihan ki, hawalat, etc.

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