June 23, 2024

Screenshot_4In today’s time bound, always-on-the go routine, travelling has become a crucial avenue for solace. It not only allows us an opportunity to escape monotony, but has also become synonymous with living to our heart’s content, accumulating everlasting memories in the process.

Across age groups, a smartphone becomes a requisite for every vacation. According to a 2016 study conducted by Expedia and Egencia, most travelers rank their smartphones of highest importance among other essentials.   Considering how speedily they have become an integral part of our lives, it hardly comes as a surprise that we sub-consciously resort to these devices while travelling. What remains constant throughout achieving these outputs is a smartphone that is backed with a powerful battery.

ASUS with its newly launched PowerMaster app aims to provide its Zenfone 3 Max users a battery extending solution that aids in squeezing more power out of your smartphones. With a dashboard boasting of 9 technologies that delivers performance depending on the user’s usage, and preferences, PowerMaster app is the answer to a variety of your battery woes. Enlisted below are 5 ways PowerMaster app adds value to your overall travel experience.

  • Find your way

In a foreign country, it is easy to miss a turn and find yourself in an unknown territory. In such a scenario, a smartphone with navigation enabled can be your saviour. But for the GPS to fully deliver its potential, the smartphone needs to be backed by a long-lasting battery. ASUS’ PowerMaster app, with its unique Boost mode, allows for clearing of unnecessary background apps after an extended session. This ensures that your smartphone’s processor is unburdened and can be used optimally to run the required app without compromising on the smartphone’s performance. So, rest assured, ASUS’ advanced technology is equipped to not only guide you back to safety, but also to encourage you to explore the hinterlands.

  • Re-living moments

The charm of travelling lies in the beauty that you are exposed to. Imagine you’re witnessing a mesmerising sunset that you wish to re-live at a later moment and you take your smartphone out to capture it, but your phone’s battery decides to play spoilt-sport. The disappointment experienced is like no other. This is where PowerMaster app’s Last Longer technology comes to the rescue. It allows the user to optimise battery savings per charge. It also allows auto-denial of 3rd party installed apps from auto-startups, detects battery draining apps, cleans-up apps in stand-by, and offers quick toggles that help in saving battery.

  • Your personal entertainment

Music. It’s such an important part of our lives. We have an emotional connection to it. It has the power to make us happy or sad. It motivates us to exercise or work harder. It relaxes and calms us. It’s hard to think of anything else in the world that has this power. However it consumes your battery power too. Now, you only have to make sure that your smartphone has a battery that lasts. With ASUS PowerMaster’s Autostart Manager, you can customize and allow the Start-up apps that you really need. This helps in saving on precious power that can be rightfully used where it is most needed. Additionally, the solution also provides a variety of Battery modes that are built to cater to different lifestyles. The 5 different battery modes provided are – Performance mode, Normal mode, Power Saving mode, Super Saving mode and Customized mode along with 2 Smart Switches – Switch by Battery level and Switch by Schedule, that tailor make your battery’s performance. All these modes allow intelligent battery saving, and keep you on the go longer.

  • Stay connected and safe

While travelling is an exhilarating experience, safety becomes a primary concern along with keeping your loved ones updated on your whereabouts. To ensure that the communication is a hassle-free affair, your smartphone’s battery needs to be potent enough to support the longer active hours.  PowerMaster’s 2X Lifespan mode is just the answer you are looking for. This technology aids intelligent charging of the phone while decreasing loss of capacity from the usual 15% to an incredible 7%. It is built such that your phone’s functionality is optimized to support your travel quests. Besides the longevity of your phone’s battery, their security design is also a critical feature. PowerMaster’s PowerSafe technology ensures that Zenfone 3 Max’s batteries are one of the safest in the smartphone market. They feature technologies like Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Reset Protection, I/O Over-Voltage & Over-Current Protection, Battery TCO Protection, Charger Protection, that are in abidance with the stringent most safety regulation.

  • Personal source of entertainment

Travelling also gives you the space and time to catch up on a lot of books and keep yourself entertained for an extended period. With PowerMaster’s Scan mode, the user is provided with a list of suggested optimizations that aid in power conservation. Additionally, because Zenfone 3 Max smartphones boast of large capacity batteries equipped with the Reverse Charging feature, you can charge other USB Devices with an OTG cable. This ensures that your other devices are also charged and you never run out of power.

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