June 13, 2024

Indeed, it might sound a little different, and initiating such an effort in the city of Kota might seem challenging, but Vibrant Academy is here with the VAJRA 111 Program today. In this program, students will have the opportunity to avail offline coaching for just Rs. 1, along with hostel and mess facilities at the same cost.

Vibrant Academy is a leading coaching institute in the country that has produced more than 12,000 IITians so far. With high-quality education, innovative curriculum, and experienced educators, Vibrant Academy stands apart. Through the VAJRA 111 Program, Vibrant Academy aims to provide an opportunity for financially constrained but academically bright students. This way, their dreams of a bright future won’t be restricted by financial constraints anymore. Vibrant Academy will be their wings to soar.

Through the collaboration of Vibrant Academy and Hello World, students will receive accommodation and food at just Rs. 1 each, making their education journey smoother.

On this occasion, the Directors, Faculty, and all staff members of Vibrant Academy were present, along with Hello World’s CBO, Mr. Saurabh Agrawal.

During the poster unveiling event, Mr. Mahendra Singh Chouhan, Director of Vibrant Academy, shared that there is a need for programs that cater to both academically gifted and financially underprivileged students. Such initiatives widen the scope of education and contribute to nation-building.

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