June 13, 2024

Lectrix EV, the electric mobility arm of SAR Group and a pioneering force in sustainable mobility solutions, just announced the launch of new Two-Wheeler EVs with 93 game-changing features.   

The product – The Lectrix LXS G3.0 and LXS G2.0 electric scooters are a game-changer in urban mobility, offering as many as 93 features. These scooters come with an impressive array of 36 safety features, 24 smart features, 14 comfort features, and many more. The focus is on providing you with modern, safe, intelligent, and connected mobility.

Notably, among these features, there are many first-in-class innovations offered at the affordable and competitive price range of INR 1lac where the fulcrum of the EV 2-wheeler category resides. This sets the Lectrix scooters apart, providing loads of functionalities, a well-tested and certified platform with cutting-edge connected tech.

Enhancing the riding experience are the integrated navigation system, smart safety features, voice assistant, and a robust chassis that has been torture tested for more than 2.6 lac kms.

But it’s not only the hardware capabilities that stand out but also the smart connected features. The LXS G vehicles will accept updates over the air.  Overall, all these elements will elevate the joy and convenience of riding to unprecedented levels.

K Vijaya Kumar, MD & CEO of Lectrix EV stated, “The LXS G is for the young Indians who don’t need their dad’s connections to succeed.  Lectrix is not doing EV merely because we can do it well, but because great quality, affordable, and connected mobility of the future is what young Indian Gen Z need for them to go forward. Because easy, affordable, and clean personal mobility is the key to unlocking progress. We want to make it easy and risk-free for the Gen Z to shift to electric mobility.”

The products offer tech-based facilities such as auto-indicators, smart ignition, helmet warning, vehicle diagnostics, ride statistics, remote seat operating via mobile app, anti-theft mechanism, and helmet warning amongst many other tech-based features that are not present in the available EVs in the industry.

K Vijaya Kumar added, “The LXS G scooters have 93 game-changing features targeting the Gen Z.” The Indian Gen Z needs a well-connected vehicle that comes with tech features like smart navigation, first-in-class auto-indicators, over-the-air updates, find-my-vehicle, emergency SOS buttons etc. The young sleek design and vibrant colours is icing on the cake.”

The LXS G scooters will be available Pan-India at our dealership partners. It will be available with a 2.3KW and a 3kw battery offering 100+ KMs in range. We have started accepting pre-bookings with a limited-period introductory offer for the LXS G scooters and we will start delivering by the 16th of August, across India.

Lectrix LXS G 2.0 and LXS G 3.0 will be available in 100+ cities/dealerships pan-India.