June 13, 2024

Motion Education students have once again demonstrated their excellence and dedication.

Shukar jha AIR 28 ,Ishan gupta AIR 31 ,Amar Sinha Air 91 ,Hardik Aggarwal AIR 93 and Tanay chetan kakliya Air 99 are the five students from Motion Education have secured positions in the top 100 ranks, showcasing their exceptional academic prowess. are the students who excelled in jee result .
An impressive 60 students have secured ranks within the top 1000 in the General and OBC categories, reflecting the high standard of education and support provided at our institution.
10 Motionites have achieved remarkable success by securing ranks within the top 500 In the SC category. These achievements highlight the relentless hard work and commitment of our students and the dedicated efforts of our faculty. However, we are still awaiting the final results of all students , and thus, we are currently unable to share the final percentage selection ratio.
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the successful students and wish them continued success in their future endeavors. We also encourage all students to keep striving for excellence, as their perseverance and dedication are the keys to their success.
Stay tuned for more updates once the final results calculated as our students are facing server issue.